Another apparently unsolicited bit of support for Freddy popped up in the latest edition of the Irish Echo, a print ad (.pdf) from “The Ginsberg Family and Friends” (yes, the Irish Echo) that nobody would call a perfect example of political targetting.

Freddy, the ad tells us: “is consistently progressive,” “lacks the arrogance and self-righteousness of so many other politicians” and “will represent all of us: white, black, brown, red, and yellow; Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, and others….”

Not exactly salsa trucks in Bay Ridge (a famous dirty trick played against Herman Badillo), but the Ferrer campaign must hope the Campaign Finance Board doesn’t decide this is a campaign expense.

Relatedly, Democrats are smiling at a rare unforced error by team Bloomberg: a print ad focusing on crime in the latest West Side Spirit has Bloomberg’s name in Hebrew letters and list the Borough Park Office. Because Jews on the Upper West Side like being grouped with Borough Park’s Chasids. Really. Targeting