Thank You

Last week was The Politicker’s best ever, with more than 3,000 unique visitors each weekday and many, many more page-views. These are the measures of Internet traffic; I’m not sure how they translate into a number of human beings. But it’s a lot more than the hundred, or so, people to whom I sent the original, typo-ridden email announcing The Politicker’s birth, and who I initially thought might be the extent of its audience.

With other Observerites both posting more regularly, we also have a bit more volume and the potential for some features, including a regular look at what’s happening on local, and political, blogs and elsewhere around the Web. And more pictures.

But there are various other things we could be doing as well: morning links to newspaper articles of interest; more, or less, coverage of local races; more, or less, coverage of national politics; a bit more of a focus on policy; IM interviews; guest editorials; or something else to help get through the Observer’s Tuesday paper deadline, which makes blogging tough. I’m also still struggling with managing the comments section in a way that isn’t heavy-handed, doesn’t take too much time, and yet encourages a civil, interesting conversation.

If you have any suggestions, please email, or post a, more or less civil, comment below. Thank You