That Bloomberg Ad

One of the funny things about the media is that when you don’t “officially” release something to the press, sometimes we don’t quite notice.

Mike‘s newish ad — the one where he just talks to the camera — is one of those. Anyway, his spokesman did message over the script when asked:

There was a time when the press called New York City ungovernable. That corrupt government, bad services, crime and failing schools were just a part of life.

Today, despite some tough times New York is on the move. Of course it’s not perfect; New York will always have big challenges. It’s a complex city.

But now is not the time to go in a different direction. Together, we’re working to make the greatest city in the world even better – for all of New York.

This one did get mentioned in passing in the Times this morning. But as one reader noted, the time when the press called New York “ungovernable,” and when it was known for corrupt government is, in part, known as the late Koch administration. And the time when it was known for failing schools was up-to-and-including the Giuliani administration. That Bloomberg Ad