The Battle for New Jersey ’05’s The Battle for New Jersey ’05 chart has several changes today: Assembly/District 1: Republican Assemblyman Jack Gibson’s bid for re-election remains a toss-up, but a movement arrow towards Leans Democratic has been replaced with one towards Leans Republican. Gibson is running a solo effort after his first running mate forgot to file his nominating petitions and his second failed to secure enough primary write-in votes to secure the nomination. Democratic Assemblyman Jeff Van Drew is a sure thing, but his running mate, Nelson Albano of Vineland, seems to have disappointed Democrats who originally touted his candidacy as a recruitment coup. This race is still a toss-up. Assembly/District 4: A movement arrow toward Safe Democratic has been added to Democrats Paul Moriarty and David Mayer in the fourth district. Republican Frank Winters, the Clayton Police Chief, has won some endorsements, but his rookie mistakes — like using his police department phone number as his campaign contact — overshadow his minor successes. His running mate, attorney Corey Ahart, has been reported AWOL. Mayer is seeking his second term; Moriarty, a former Philadelphia TV reporter, was elected Mayor of Washington Township last year with 60% of the vote after ousting an incumbent in the Democratic primary. The Battle for New Jersey ’05

The Battle for New Jersey ’05