The Cockpit: Dude! A Western! Finally!

In honor of Salon’s new women’s blog, The Broadsheet, The Transom is pleased to present excerpts from the New York Observer’s men-only blog, The Cockpit.

You Know What’s Awesome?
um, hello, GIANT PACKAGECowboy movies! Dude, why don’t they make cowboy movies hardly anymore? John Wayne is like really old or something, I guess. Or dead? But back in the day, man, half of the movies were like romance, and the other half were all westerns! What happened to America? Now it’s all In Her Sister’s Traveling Pants with Romy And Michele’s Joy Luck Club and shit.

So, anyway, I was really stoked when I heard there was a new western coming out with Jake whats-its and Heath Ledger. (Dude, Michelle Williams is SMOKING HOT, I would totally inseminate her too.) So I’m totally stoked — we should all get together after work, go buy some cowboy hats, and go see Brokeback Mountain without the chicks from the office. BOO-YAH!

Wow, it totally smells like pancakes with syrup in my office. Weird.
–posted by Choire “BROS BEFORE HOS” Sicha at 10:25 p.m.

—The Transom

The Cockpit: Dude! A Western! Finally!