The Hillary Standard

Governor Pataki, it appears, is set to endorse Jeanine Pirro for Senate today, in an attempt to defuse what are expected to be relatively weak fundraising numbers.

But the really striking story is how Pirro’s woes illustrate the dangers of setting foot under the press’s Hillary-scope. Clinton is so disciplined at this point that it’s easy to forget just how careful she’s being of a press that views here through a microscope; Pirro, on the other hand, is getting every minor blunder turned into a ponderous black mark on her record here or in the papers.

Take today’s Times piece, for example, which breaks the news that Pirro aides seem to be falsely claiming the support of a couple of state Republicans. It’s a fun, legit story — but it’s also clearly a trivial error, sloppy rather than telling — it’s not like she doesn’t actually have the party machine (that is, Pataki) behind her.

Around here, only people running against Hillary Clinton get this kind of interpretive weight layered onto mistakes this petty: the gaffe, according to the times, “deal[t] another embarrassing setback to a campaign struggling to build momentum.” The Hillary Standard