The Joe Ferriero Club

For anyone who thinks Jon Corzine’s endorsement of Loretta Weinberg in last month’s special election convention for State Senate was not a calculated shot across the bow at party bosses, consider Corzine’s comments at his Gannett editorail board debate last night, as covered by Gannett New Jersey’s Jonathan Tamari:

In a statement tied to ethics reform and possibly distancing himself from one notorious political boss, Corzine said he would consult with Republican U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie, who has made a reputation as a corruption buster, when he appoints his attorney general, if he is elected. Corzine flatly said he would not appoint Sen. John Adler, D-Camden, to the post as the state’s top law enforcement man. Adler, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been associated with South Jersey power broker George E. Norcross III. “John Adler will not be my attorney general,” Corzine said. “We will pick the very best individual with the skills to make sure we carry out an executive order to clean up politics in this state.”

Adler has spent more than a year visiting with Democratic leaders across the state and raising money in anticipation of a U.S. Senate bid if Frank Lautenberg does not run in 2008. Adler, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, clearly won’t be happy with Corzine’s comments. The Joe Ferriero Club