Weekend Roundup

Last week, Curbed spread the news that Drew and Fab could be settling down in Park Slope. But the couple’s future love nest might be in the Upper West Side, according to New York magazine. Despite the their looks, money, and success, the couple is reportedly “unpretentious,” according to the broker.

Richard Gere finally found his new East End home, according to the New York Post. The Buddhist actor dropped close to $7.9 million for a 6,000-square-foot spread in North Haven.

A young, Williamsburg couple shuns those new waterfront condos in favor of renovating a small home.

And today, The Times looks at the trend of “the downzoning uprising,” what housing experts dub the neighborhood resistance to increased population and too many McMansions. Weren’t there McMansion haters in last Sunday’s paper, too?

-Michael Calderone

Weekend Roundup