The Media Mob continues to track the daily battle of the front pages:

The Post goes local and the Daily News goes national–and the split extends to the back covers, where the Post features the game-ending heroics of the New York football Giants and the News features the game-ending heroics of the Chicago baseball White Sox.

But Rupert Murdoch’s minions are so busy pushing their boring and unwinnable so-called poker contest and their Giants promotional merchandise, there’s no room for any news visuals beyond an itty-bitty NYPD patch. The News, meanwhile, has a nice big frowny-Bush photo.

And what about the verbs? Post: BRUTALIZED, SCRATCH, WIN, GET. News: BRACES, STUN, FLEE, PLAY, WIN. Winner: Daily News.

Overall standings: Daily News 2, New York Post 0 WOOD WAR II