Who’s winning the battle of the front pages?

Not to be all non-provincial or anything, but didn’t something happen yesterday with like the Supreme Court or something?

The Daily News at least admits the Harriet Miers story exists, but gives the page over to another creepy, non-news helping of Gotti family pastafazool. Aw, Junior visited the Dapper Don’s tomb! Such a good son! And did he stop by the tombs (junkyards, gravel pits, whatever) of all the guys Papa whacked?

The Post leaves Miers off the cover entirely and fronts another homewrecking-clergyman sex scandal. It’s almost enough for a win–better a stooge for the Bush family than a shill for the Gottis–but America’s Oldest Continuously Published Daily Newspaper blows it by once again crowding up the page with extraneous crap. A full-length celeb photo? Did Col Allan poach a layout designer from Us Weekly?

Winner: Daily News

Overall standings: Daily News 4, New York Post 2 WOOD WAR VI