Yom Kippur Blog Stroll

At least half of New York’s political class is off atoning today. The Politicker has plenty to atone for, too, but since I’m here in the office, I hope that giving you something to chew on during a sodden and mostly silent news day will serve as penance of sorts.

In an effort to widen our group hug (and because I know you’re such an affectionate bunch), I’m going to tiptoe through our neighbors’ tulips for the first-ever Politicker Blog Stroll, a look at what’s happening in the local political blogosphere. If you think we’re missing any gems, please send them my way for future strolls. Here we go…

Over at New York Civic, Henry Stern, former Parks Commissioner, muses about life after November, sizing up the prospects for Giff, Weiner, Thompson, Carrion, and their colleagues in today’s forward-looking article (“Polls Say: Stick a Fork in 2005. Let’s Start to Think About 2009”). He’s also just introduced a comments section; it’s called “Starblog.” (Would “Sparblog” have been more appropriate? Wait and see.)

This week, The Wonkster, Gotham Gazette’s bloggy stepchild, has been tracking the teachers’ contract debate and editorial responses to the diffused subway threat, and took time out to offer a brief – yet nostalgic – nod to the Times Square HoJo.

At Alarming News, spunky “non-liberal” Karol identifies an amusing, yet counterproductive, paradigm born of frustration with the prez (aka: May the country go to hell, so Bush can be blamed).

The folks over at The New York Connection really want to kick Brian Ellner in the tuchas. Will they post on M-Lo M-Later?

If you’re sick of my bad puns and sunny nature (and have already read the comments section twice), get today’s vitriol fix over at Brian Lehrer’s blog. Perhaps inspired by the popularity of the scanned Miers-Bush correspondence, Brian has scanned a piece of demented hate mail for your delectation.

DMIBLog asserts a need for political leadership to reverse tuition hikes at CUNY and SUNY.

At The Daily Gotham, a local off-shoot of popular lefty blog DailyKos, Liza rallies for a unified Ferrer push and coins a new phrase that I adore: “Campaign Velveeta.”

Over at the Village Voice’s Power Plays blog, Jarrett Murphy suggests a last resort to give the Ferrer campaign some much-needed juice, or at least some attention. Stunts! But somehow it’s hard to imagine Freddy sleeping under that bridge…

And both G.O.P. and the City and Slant Point are abuzz with backstory on a subway terror warning email, which circulated days before the official announcement. Both bloggers received the email and debunk the Daily News’ “Rich Got Terror Tip” take on it; the former takes a funny and sarcastic swipe at the theory: “In other news, only the rich and powerful have been informed about a large inheritance for the taking in Nigeria.”

And now my eyes are sore. So that’s it for the Politicker’s first Blog Stroll – thanks to everyone who has been posting on such a sleepy day. Yom Kippur Blog Stroll