Alexander Michael Newman

Oct. 23, 2005

12:52 a.m.

8 pounds, 6 1¼2 ounces

St. Vincent’s Hospital

It was raining when Jane Newman, 37, an editor at Rizzoli Publications, went into labor, and cabs were scarce—so she decided to take the No. 1 train from the Upper West Side to the hospital. “ Not because we’re cheap!” said her husband of two years, Ken Newman, 40, The Observer’s own director of classified ads. “It was Saturday, and we figured we’d get a seat.” Ha—this is New York, bub! The subway car turned out to be dark and crowded, and the expectant mother had to stand for part of the ride. But the Newmans’ new little man, their firstborn, emerged unscathed: large and stocky (with a perfectly round head that earned compliments from the nurses), plus an excellent appetite. “We think he’s going to be a football player,” Mom said. “But I’m not sure how much he likes the outdoors.” On Riverside Park outings, “he cries, then falls asleep.”

Alexander Michael Newman