An Intern for Jeanine

The Politicker is seriously considering lending the Pirro campaign an intern.

At a couple of Hillary Clinton events in Westchester this morning, reporters noted that Pirro nor the Republican Party had even sent the usual student-volunteer “tracker” to tape Hillary’s remarks.

Their absence didn’t stop them from sending out a couple copies of a press release: “Just today, Hillary Clinton was in Westchester County attacking Republicans with extremist rhetoric.”

This intern shortage apparently did, however, stop them from offering any examples of that rhetoric in the press release. Or in follow-up emails. Sigh.

CORRECTION: They’ve got the tape! I misunderstood an earlier exchange with the Pirro campaign; apparently, they’re fully staffed-up on the tracker front, and had someone at Hillary’s events. As for what they were calling “extremist,” Pirro’s spokeswoman says the “Bush-bashing” of Hillary’s public speeches contradicts her promises to work together in fundraising mail.

An Intern for Jeanine