Appetizing Stroll

It’s a blog stroll! Or just consider call it a pre-debate hors d’oeuvre:

The Wonkster reported on young Dems who can hardly wait to see a debate…on The West Wing.

A 16-foot long, 800-pound pig will menace Manhattan tomorrow, forecasts Scott Sala at Urban Elephants. The creature will arrive in City Hall Park to protest Proposal One, bearing a “Stop the Pork!” sign. Counter-protesters welcome; hibachis and BBQ sauce are optional.

If you haven’t been following the Manhattan BP, er, race since Scott Stringer won the Democratic primary, Karol at Alarming News offers some revelations on Republican candidate Barry Popik. She reads Barry’s odd entry in the voter registration guide (“‘I will never forget finally dedicating ‘Big Apple Corner,’ alone, in the rain, while my mother was dying”) and admits total freaky bafflement. (last asterisked item)

Chuck Schumer got mad props over at TPMCafe for pushing the leak investigation.

Harriet Miers spoke to the good folks at SNL’s Weekend Update, and there’s an amusing snippet of her appearance the sketch over at the Crooks and Liars blog (along with some Stewart-on-Scooter).

For all it lacks in breadth, the Stop Her Now campaign certainly makes up for in, errr, punchiness [via Eschaton]. Appetizing Stroll