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Politicker Intern David Greenhouse writes in:

Seems that while Freddy and Mike can’t campaign in public schools, Catholic schools are fair game. Pat Russo was stone-faced as Pataki spoke at the Our Lady of Angels School, and then he offered an appraisal of his own role “working for the Pataki administration in the welfare IG’s office where we have really shown with the Governor’s leadership how accountability, personal responsibility belongs in government and starts here.”

This is not (ed.-shock!) drawing much press, with only a few other reporters there – one from Sing Tao, another from the Brooklyn Skyline, and a freelance photographer.

On the street afterwards, Brooklyn Conservative Party chairman Gerry Kassar said he’d seen Vinny Gentile peeking into the room, but the Politicker couldn’t confirm this.

“Don’t stop until 8:58 election night,” Pataki told Russo as he left.

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