Billionaires for Bloomberg

Griping about Mike’s campaign millions is so, like, five minutes ago. Now you can celebrate the Mayor’s mind-bending spending with satire, thanks to Billionaires for Bloomberg, an opulently costumed activist posse. The Billionaires will be at Suede Lounge from 7:30 to 10 pm on Saturday night for a “Get Out the Dough” celebration.

According to an invite, they’ll be “toasting the obscenity of spending so much money on a campaign” and “make plans to push out the poor and middle class with ticketing blitzes and luxury housing.”

Their mantra? “Manhattan Island is for the rich! And there are so many of us, we need the rest of NYC too!” The Billionaires will express this sentiment, I’d guess, with the same mixture of protest and performance art that built Billionaires for Bush.

This could be the biggest thing since… Mayoroke. Billionaires for Bloomberg