Bronx Bullhorn Brigade

“Now all we need is a couple of commuters,” laughed Chuck Schumer, striding into a crowd of Ferrer supporters at the Yankee Stadium subway stop around 6 p.m. He was greeted by Freddy and Aramina; campaign barker Kenny Agosto was busy touting Aramina on his bullhorn as “The First Lady of Our Hearts.”

From the crowd came the sound of a cowbell, and occasional shouts of “Dignidad Contra Dinero!” When television cameras arrived, the slogans got louder.

“Fernando tranquilo: El pueblo esta contigo!” chanted Chuck, offering a little dance for the cameras.

On the edge of the crowd, a tall, blond Bloomberg tracker had a laugh with The Politicker over one of his colleagues, a brown-haired fellow, also tall, who appeared on our Web site after he greeted Howard Dean during a campaign stop last month.

“I’d love to go say hi to Chuck Schumer,” the blond tracker said ruefully. “But I’m not dumb. I like to read The Politicker, not be on it.”

Meanwhile, Kenny had come up with a new slogan for the Senator, and was introducing him over the bullhorn as “the defender in the judiciary committee, fighting off those conservative judges!”

Chuck took his own turn at the bullhorn: “We want to hear it for a great person, Kenny Agosto…who never stops!”

At least for the moment, Kenny was speechless.

Bronx Bullhorn Brigade