Candid Caption Contest

Swaddled in layers of spin, bogged down with talking points, it’s often hard for campaigning candidates to be, well…candid.

So now that the race is run, it’s your turn. I’ve posted a pair of my favorite pictures from the last days on the trail.

With the political pressure lifted, what would Mike say to the hand that, er, bit him? What would Freddy tell the banana?

As a jaded photo editor, a punchy partisan, or a wily campaign operative, how would you spin either scene?

Got some good caption ideas? Post ’em in the comments section…

[note added: Five minutes ago, whilst reading the Urban Elephants blog, I realized they beat me to the punch and opened the floor for Freddy-banana captions on Monday… in an entirely weird and unintentional coincidence, I picked the photo from a news site this morning because it made me snarf my coffee. But I’ll give props – and apologies! – where they’re due. And keep those captions coming.] Candid Caption Contest