Chuck vs. Eliot

Eliot Spitzer’s backers are upset that this morning’s Post misstates the timing of his announcment for Governor; he waited, they say until Chuck had decided not to run.

Dicker’s bottom line, though, is right on: there’s a hostility between Chuck and Eliot that has produced, among other things, Chuck’s tacit support for Tom Suozzi, whom he’s been heard praising in private gatherings lately. The animosity dates back, at least, to Eliot’s decision to prosecute Wall Street firms who are Schumer’s fundraising base.

The jostling over Chuck’s possible run for Governor certainly didn’t help.

And here’s an interesting little addition to that story that didn’t surface at the time. Eliot knew as well as anybody how hard Chuck would have been to beat. And it’s my understanding that Eliot would not have challenged Chuck for the gubernatorial nomination had Schumer decided to run. Chuck vs. Eliot