Controversial Ex-Timesians for Mike

The endorsement arrived a couple of days late but, well, it probably wouldn’t have helped much anyway. But ex-New York Times reporter Judith Miller told Larry King last night that she likes Mike and, particularly, Ray Kelly. Which may help explain why the Post spotted her at a Bloomberg event not long ago. And what Kelly was doing scouring Mott Haven for WMDs last week. (Sorry, cheap shot.)

“I’m — by the way, I’m very grateful to live in New York, because I think that they have — that we have in New York one of the best counterterrorism teams in the entire country, and I feel slightly more relaxed now that I know that Mayor Bloomberg is going to be there for another term with Commissioner Kelly, and his two aides, Mike Sheehan and David Cohen, because what they are doing in New York is nothing short of extraordinary to protect the city, and I think New Yorkers are aware of it,” she told King.

She added later, “I do know that I want to be a little freer than I was at The New York Times to speak out and to express a personal opinion. It’s great to be able to tell you, I was really glad Mayor Bloomberg was reelected. I couldn’t have said that two days ago. It’s nice to be able to have personal opinions that I can express.” Controversial Ex-Timesians for Mike