Dept. of Unusual Alliances

Over in Brooklyn’s 11th Congressional district, where one of next year’s most interesting races is shaping up, Chris Owens (son of incumbent Major Owens) has endorsed the anti-war, Green Party perennial candidate Gloria Mattera, who’s running for Borough President.

The younger Owens said he’s opposing incumbent Marty Markowitz because he “has betrayed Brooklyn” by endorsing Mike.

But Owens’s endorsement, and his general strategy, seem to put him up against David Yassky in a complicated battle for the allegiance of the district’s sizeable white minority. Over in Park Slope, liberal white voters will be drawn to the tradition of having an African-American representative, as long as one of the black candidates can make a convincing case to them. Which Owens is clearly trying to do here, at least with the left wing of them. Dept. of Unusual Alliances