Doggerel for Forrester

Um. Is this some kind of joke?

Doug Forrester’s campaign Web site has a prominent link to A Lyrical Tribute to Doug, which turns out to be an extraordinarily bad poem by one Habibullah Saleem.

It’s also a very long poem, so I’ve edited out the slower parts. But really, read it all:

The price for Governor is loyalty and trust
The price for Governor is the absence of lust
Thoroughly qualified Doug Forrester for sure
Bringing to the voters the requirements for cure…

Down to Earth whether Black or White
Doug Forrester as Governor an amazing delight
With nothing to hide devoted and clean
Vote for Doug Forrester and not some scheme
Understanding New Jersey is to be alert
For health and economics he’s willing to work
Putting in place collective education
Inclusive strategies with appropriate inspiration
A family man with righteous support
Unauthorized characters we must abort…

Knows how to provide and care for our elders
Forrester’s character is that of a welder…

Really. Read it all.

Doggerel for Forrester