Early Analysis

Here’s a snippet from Pace pollsters Jonathan Trichter’s and Chris Paige’s analysis of their “telephone exit poll” discussed earlier. A couple of people who do this stuff for a living have expressed their doubts about the methodology, which seems a reasonable subject for debate.

In the meantime, here’s some of the key demographic analysis:

“Apparently, Fernando Ferrer’s “lose with dignity” strategy paid dividends: he was spared the 30+ point defeat that several polls had predicted; he appears to have carried The Bronx (51% to 47%),1 Blacks (51% to 47%), and Latinos (62% to 36%). A majority of the electorate (53%) has a favorable impression of Ferrer while only 34% have an unfavorable impression of him.”

More sometime Wednesday, as The Politicker tries to catch its breath and return to a more sustainable pace. Early Analysis