Evangelical Quandary

Unsurprisingly, Evangelical Christian conservatives are having a bit of a hard time figuring out whom to support this year.

One who thinks about city politics quite a bit is Joe Mattera, a Sunset Park Minister who runs the City Action Coalition, and whom I profiled here.

“The upcoming mayoral election in New York City has many in the Evangelical camp in a quandary because neither Mayor Bloomberg nor opponent Fernando Ferrer espouses the core moral ethos of Biblical Christianity,” he wrote in an email to supporters yesterday. “Indeed, when it comes to salient issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion rights, or even the foundation for human rights and law, the views of both candidates cause us concern.

“Recently, Ferrer said that he was confident he was going to be elected because ‘God was on his side.’ Immediately, one wonders to what god is Ferrer speaking? Mayor Bloomberg has left us no doubt that he is as “blue” as Ferrer.”

What’s an Evangelical to do?

Evangelical Quandary