Feisty Feingold; Greenfield A-Go-Go

As a guest on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Russ Feingold sniped at Hillary’s presidential prospects, saying that ‘Republican lite’ won’t cut it for 2008. (ABC’s website and the NY Post both have more info on his appearance; the New Republic also ran an insightful profile on him earlier this month.)

Are these the seeds of a new “Stop Her Now” movement…on the left?

If not, how to explain the budding Senate candidacy of Steve “Bike Chain” Greenfield, a little-known sax player from New Paltz who is challenging Hillary for the Democratic Senate nod? Mr. Greenfield’s campaign Web site has pics of his arrest during the RNC; a more colorful site, perhaps, features his band Andy G. and the Roller Kings: he’s on the far right, wearing sideburns and a hip rock n’ roll sneer. Feisty Feingold; Greenfield A-Go-Go