Fidler’s Zingers

Last night, the seven City Council members running for Speaker participated in a public debate at Baruch college, an odd forum for an election that will ultimately be decided through the deal making and power bartering of their colleagues in the chamber. Nevertheless, the debate for “who will hold the second most powerful job in city government” (according to its organizers) was not entirely bereft of entertainment, which was supplied mostly by the zingers of Lewis Fidler from Brooklyn.

Mr. Fidler sat on one end of the panel, as far away as possible from Bill de Blasio, who last year led a coup against Fidler to gain control of the council’s Brooklyn contingent. But de Blasio proved to be Fidler’s greatest fan, commenting to panel neighbors David Weprin and Christine Quinn “Oh, now that’s good!” every time Fiddler delivered a lively line. When Fidler compared elections to polo as increasingly reserved for the rich, the rather wonkish de Blasio exclaimed “He’s fabulous!”

But not all of the target audience got to see Fidler’s crowd pleasers. According to some of the organizers, the fire marshal stopped letting people into the packed hall and forced some tardy council members back out into the cold.

ALSO: Over at New York Press’s blog, Azi has a wrap-up, along with the evening’s most memorable line: “I did a colonoscopy to show people it could be done.” Fidler’s Zingers