Fifth Estate

It’s all a proud parent can hope for, really. You feed, nurture, and clothe your kids, give the best years of your life to ’em. Then they grow up, grow teeth, and before you know it… they’re gunning for you.

Please join us in offering a warm welcome to The Fifth Estate, a political blog run by former Politicker intern and current New York Press City Hall reporter, Azi Paybarah.

The blog is still under development, but offers some tasty morsels: matching funds mischief courtesy of Larry Seabrook, a contest to Name That $peaker with a $50 payout (we at The Politicker aren’t allowed to handle cash, btw.), and an acknowledgement that their mayoral nod — headlined with a lovely reference to Miller n’ MoDo — has made the New York Press the largest English-language paper to endorse Freddy.

Okay, you’ve got me. Unlike Ben, I don’t know anything about parenting, and I’ll stop gushing.

But, Azi… is this all a nice way to say our term in the Press’ “Best of” canon has officially ended? Arrrr!

Fifth Estate