Freddy at CCNY

Freddy picked up a few votes up at City College this morning, where Howard Dean was, as usual, kind of a celebrity.

Bill Perkins introduced the governor as “someone who I met walking down the streets of Harlem, looking for a job” and Dean — who has found it easier to contribute time than channel money — and Freddy were both pretty much on their game. Behind them, the president of the student body held a fistful of bills and a flyer for a free cellphone, apparently illustrating the issue of affordibility.

Afterward, some students were clearly with Mike — at this point, you hear phrases from his tv ads repeated verbatim, and Diallo still comes up — while others said they’d been swayed by Freddy.

Among the latter was Freshman Ingrid Zuniga, who was so taken with Ferrer, she said, that “if I was registered, I’d vote for him. Freddy at CCNY