Freddy Blames the Press, Poor

If you don’t read Spanish, find somebody to translate Gerson Borrero’s column in El Diario today, in which Freddy offers a candid post-election view of what happened.

And he blames, first of all, us, arguing that the media offered an insurmountable barrier that he hadn’t realized existed before he chose to run. The “editors” were in Mike’s camp from the start, it turns out; his evidence is that reporters failed to take notes at a Ferrer press conference, so busy were we absorbing Cunningham/Loeser spin on our Blackberries.

He also argues that the press dropped the ball in failing to go after Mike for his high-profile terror alert on the night of a debate.

But it isn’t just the press who failed Freddy. So did the poor: “Even the poor don’t realize how bad things really are.”

One person who comes in for no blame: Freddy.

Freddy Blames the Press, Poor