Freddy @ Hartley

At today’s 11:30 presser at Hartley House on West 46th Street, Freddy continued to revive his Two New Yorks theme. He cited a statistic from the Community Service Society, attesting that if the poorest New Yorkers across the five boroughs had a city of their own, it would be the fifth largest metropolis in America. It’s an impressive figure, but Freddy didn’t deliver it with ample outrage. He looked a bit bored.

Much more animated was Marina Montalvo, a former city employee and graduate of Hartley House’s poverty program. When she rose to speak on Freddy’s behalf, her voice crackled with emotion.

Of Bloomberg, she said: “He goes to schools and he campaigns in the schools, and Freddy cannot do that! He’s forbidden to do that. He has millions to spend, and Freddy doesn’t have millions.”

The school line may not have been the best talking point; it cuts both ways.

Freddy took questions, and reporter asked the candidate if he still believed he could win. He paused and said “yes.” Immediately, two aides exclaimed “thank you!” And that was the end of it.

On a side note, Councilmember Christine Quinn had originally planned to attend the Hartley House event, but found herself facing the music, quite literally: Mayhem threatened to engulf Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular, so she had to cancel.

“I spent most of the morning on the phone trying to prevent this musician’s strike,” she told The Politicker, adding that, so far, she’s done at least half a dozen pressers with Freddy. “I’m looking forward to doing more events with him up until November 8th,” she said. Freddy @ Hartley