Freddy on WNYC

On WNYC with Brian Lehrer this morning, Freddy seemed a bit edgy.

Brian asked him to explain how the Iraq war directly impacts New Yorkers’ daily lives and, while Freddy lamented “the toll in human life and national wealth,” peppering his reply with references to Vietnam, he wouldn’t really go there. Brian nudged him to elaborate, but he wouldn’t address a concrete impact on local services or security.

Freddy also got a little antsy on the topic of development, after Brian played a clip of him addressing the Atlantic Yards Project during a June interview:

[clip]”The Towers I do support, it’s a very powerful agreement with the city and with the Ratner organization. Fifty percent affordable housing; look, you can’t say you believe in affordable housing and reject that. However, I still hold that we shouldn’t be using public dollars for private stadiums, and we certainly should be getting the full, the maximum value for the development rights over the Atlantic Yards… I’ve talked a great many of the people over there, and I think what they’re opposed to is the lack of transparency in dealing here.”

“Well, thank you Brian for reminding folks that I’ve been consistent on this!” Freddy said testily, when the clip was done. He emphasized the ongoing problems of transparency in the project, and restated his committment to affordable housing there.

“We ought to call a halt to this right now, call a halt to this entire project and revaluate it,” he concluded.

Towards the end, Brian mentioned the Hoy endorsement, which went to Mayor Bloomberg.

“I mean should a Latino get all the Latinos? Should an Asian get all the Asians? We’re a bigger and better city than that, don’t you think?” he replied.

Freddy on WNYC