Friday-Morning Roundup

Down at Ground Zero, there are concerns in the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation as to whether the planned performing-arts center will get full funding, according to The New York Times.

There’s also rumblings about a pay-to-drive plan in the busiest parts of Manhattan, something that works pretty good in London.

Cobble Hill townhouse priced to move! And, uh, ignore my homeless aunties camped out on the sidewalk.

From (Ground) zero to $10 million: the Drawing Center gets a fat consolation prize after getting kick out of the W.T.C. site.

After booting out auntie, head over to the new flea market in Carroll Gardens. It opens tomorrow at Union and Smith Street. For Manhattanites, just take the G.W.B. and take the first right.

A condo board in Rego Park has learned how to circumvent D.O.B. billboard regulations–comply, and do it all over again. Pocket cash.

-Matthew Grace Friday-Morning Roundup