Friday-Morning Roundup

That’s why condo prices are so high! The Times reports that Francine Blacher, a Manhattan real-estate agent, has pleaded guilty to filing a false income-tax return for 2001. She apparently hid income in a bank account in the Bahamas.

Looks like the Mayor and the Governor have a bit of friction between their competing views of what should go up Ground Zero way. Mr. Pataki wants mucho office space; Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t want an area that’s desolate at night after the workers go home, according to the Post. Charles Gargano, the Governor’s chief economic-development adviser, conjures up a false dilemma: “Lower Manhattan is the financial capital of the world. Don’t you want to keep it that way?”

And the Post also takes a tour of 7 World Trade Center.

There’s an oil spill that’s twice as big as the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, contaminating 55 acres of land in Greenpoint underneath 238 homes, and City Councilman Eric Gioia has joined a suit by Riverkeeper to force ExxonMobil to clean it up. The spill goes back to the 50’s, reports the Daily News. That explains all the greasy hair in nearby Williamsburg, at least.

And The Sun reports that Housing Here and Now, a housing-advocacy coalition, says that the city is failing to ensure repairs in some of the city’s most dangerous buildings.

-Matthew Grace Friday-Morning Roundup