Gaffe Gaffe?

So if you put out a press release claiming that your opponent has made a gaffe, and it was more a debatable point than a gaffe, is that itself a gaffe?

As Jeanine Pirro tries to push back at the “bumbling campaign” storyline, and the attendent fundraising woes, that’s the claim her campaign is making. And it is, at least, valiant.

What’s more, you get lines like this:

“Not even twenty-four hours after the 2005 elections the Clinton attack machine stumbled by issuing two press releases claiming Pirro misfired about Hillary Clinton’s dismal record on tax votes while in the Senate.”

The details are arguable; basically, the Democrats stretching the word “gaffe” to cover a policy argument, while maintaining their storyline. Pirro’s campaign is quarrelling with the Democrats’ claim that she didn’t mention a central issue until a reporter asked about it.

Oh, and the subject was the “death tax,” aka the estate tax. About which dishonesty, as we all know, is forbidden in American politics. Gaffe Gaffe?