Gentile in Trouble?

The Daily Gotham reprints a missive from a Working Families Party organizer about the Bay Ridge City Council race:

“This race is the only truly contested seat in Brooklyn and is a major priority for the WFP. That’s why we are mobilizing phonebanks in downtown Brooklyn and lower Manhattan as well as sending people to help with activities in the district…

“This race is awfully close. It could come down to a handful of votes. We are very worried because of the major Republican and Conservative resources being mobilized against Vinnie. In order to keep this ally in City Hall and to stop the Republicans in their tracks, WE NEED YOUR HELP!”

That doesn’t sound good for Gentile. But the rallying cry seems a bit of a stretch: “The way I see it, losing this seat would have a negative impact on national politics. It would aid the re-election efforts of Republican Congressman Vito Fossella, since Vito’s congressional district encompasses a large part of Vinnie’s council district. Defeating Republican members of Congress is extremely important to all of us next year.”

Also in the post, Freddy plans a Flatbush motorcade.

Gentile in Trouble?