Guthrie Kalotay-Nemec

Oct. 8, 2005

5:21 p.m.

8 pounds, 13 ounces

Tisch Hospital

Mama look a boo-boo! Though he was named in part for folk singer Woody Guthrie, this little boy enjoys bouncing around his Stuyvesant Town one-bedroom to the tunes of calypso singer Harry Belafonte, balanced on the hip of mother Leah Kalotay, 33, a freelance graphic designer. Little Guthrie, who was delivered after a walk to the hospital and sports a brown mullet, is so mellow in his Moses basket that Ms. Kalotay joked: “He still thinks he’s in the womb.” Also soothing: the Dr. Seuss stories read to him by father Ron Nemec, 37, an architect at Michael Davis. “We’re not getting into Tolstoy yet,” Mom said. The couple has been married six years, and this is their first child.

Guthrie Kalotay-Nemec