Hack-y Thanksgiving

What the heck is a “hack”? The word’s a convenient insult, sure, but is it actually a useful descriptor?

Everyone’s favorite political pejorative has enjoyed a good run lately. Something must be in the water: the issue has come up in our comments section today; meanwhile, Gawker has a running feature on “Grateful Hacks” (and, yes, I’m borrowing their image to liven up this post, but mostly because I adore hand turkeys).

Just yesterday, a Politicker reader and Democratic operative told me his own father had called him – the horror! – a hack.

Last month, I discussed the issue with a city council candidate whose mother had weighed in. After a particularly grueling debate, slightly baffled Mom reassured her political progeny: “Being a public servant does not equal being a ‘hack!'”

Has overuse become abuse? Is hackitude is in the eye of the beholder? What’s up with all these hack-debating parents?

Do weigh in, but please, please, please focus your comments on “hack,” the word (meaning, origins, relationship to political culture, whatever). No personal attacks, or I will ban with abandon and suspend the discussion, so please don’t kill it for everyone.

In sum: Be kind to each other and to me, your fairy blogmother in Ben’s absence. It is, after all, almost Thanksgiving. Hack-y Thanksgiving