In Praise of Others

The Transom bit off more than it could chew this week–check its beard growth level for proof (Shaving? When?)–so it’s been a bit quiet around these parts. (Also, blame Brokeback Mountain.)

However, now in the quiet lull of a Thursday evening, a couple things must be shared:

· The Transom must point out that this week’s Nikki Finke column on Mike Ovitz’s art collection as a way to learn everything you need to know about Mr. Ovitz is freaking brilliant. (It also tells you everything you need to know about what a completely shitty industry art dealing is–witness Mike Ovitz trying to cheat $20K off the price of a painting that he’d then take four months to pay for. Classic.) God bless ya, Ms. Finke.

· This week, New York was host to the Country Music Awards, and The Transom studiously ignored the myriad events that splattered on the city. Friend of The Transom, Campbell “Boldface” Robertson, hit the nail on the head this week:

The prevailing idea appears to have been setting up events that pair country stars with ostensibly non-country locales to see if there is a great explosion, littering the pavement with Prada handbags, bolo ties and a seemingly contradictory sense of both loss and entitlement, and leaving behind a trail of delightful little culture-clash stories in the media.


The Transom has also noticed that Manhattan parties suffer from fools’ need to overdocument. Does no one trust the written word any longer? No?

And now, camera-less, The Transom must go follow Rosario Dawson to a party. It is our lot in life.

— Choire Sicha

In Praise of Others