In Today’s Observer

I talk to Chuck Schumer, and try to understand how he became the Democrats’ general in the judge wars. At the bottom of the piece he has some interesting (to me) criticism of the Warren Court.

Jason Horowitz looks at a Mayoral race without ideology, noting that Freddy and Mike are as likely to argue about who had an idea first as they are to differ on substance. Interesting observations on the death of ideology in city politics from everyone from Ester Fuchs to the Mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley.

Relatedly, perhaps, Jess Bruder finds that all four candidates in the East Side Council races have ambivalent relationships either with party (Republican) or nominee (Freddy).

Gabe Sherman and Anna Schneider-Mayerson stay ahead of the Judy Miller curve, reporting that she may be back in the Times newsroom soon.

In an op-ed, Niall Stanage warms Stu Loeser’s heart.

Conason goes after the GOP on cuts. In Today’s Observer