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Jason examines Mike’s resurrection of the very dead commuter tax. Is this an act of mayoral vengeance against Shelly Silver, who killed the tax and the mayor’s ambitious stadium plan? Whether Mike gets it or not (probably not), wonks wonder whether the Mayor’s move is an opening salvo in a new, aggressive stance towards Albany.

I talk to Bill Weld about the collapse of Decker College, the Kentucky for-profit trade school he ran before launching his campaign for governor of New York. In the school’s ashes, his opponents see an opportunity.

Matthew Schuerman explores Bruce Ratner’s old allegiances with local elected officials in Brooklyn, which are being strained by vocal neighborhood opponents.

Over in the Wise Guys column, Terry Golway tackles the Ramirez doctrine, asking: Can bigotry alone really be blamed for Freddy’s defeat?

And Anna Schneider-Mayerson looks at Harvard Law School, which is listing rightward at the hands of Dean Elena Kagan.

In Today’s Observer