Mike as Patriot

At an event out in Queens this afternoon, Mike was asked if he was worried that the perception of an inevitable Bloomberg win on Tuesday might keep his supporters away from the polls. Mike’s answer was a mix of the patriotic and the pragmatic.

(Cue National Anthem as background music.)

“Young men and women have fought and died for 235 odd years to give us the privilege of voting. And I hope we don’t become so blasé that we say that, just because my guy is going to win or not win, I’m not going to waste my time coming out. This is not a waste of time this is a privilege that has been fought for and you should take great pride in showing up. And I always get a little bit of goose bumps when I pull that lever knowing that it is something that people in many parts of the world don’t have the possibility of doing. And two: even if you think your candidate is ahead or behind, if you don’t show, you can actually change the thing.” Mike as Patriot