Miller: “I’m Satisfied”

“I’m tired,” Judith Miller said by phone, two hours after The New York Times announced her retirement from the paper.

Miller, having reached the end of her long standoff with the Times, was preparing for tonight’s previously-scheduled appearance on a panel at the Media Law Resource Center’s annual dinner, along with Time reporter Matt Cooper.

“I’m really very satisfied with the agreement. I will always miss the Times, but now it was time to move on,” Miller said.

“I plan to take a little time off, the time I was supposed to take before this 40-day nightmare began.”

Miller said the agreement was reached today, after the Times relented and agreed to her request that she be allowed to publish a piece in the paper rebutting her critics. The piece will run tomorrow.

In announcing Miller’s departure, executive editor Bill Keller also released a note he’d sent Miller, which softened the edges of some of his most pointed public statements about her conduct.

“They agreed to run an article and you know Bill graciously clarified his remarks and set the record straight,” Miller said. “And that’s what I wanted. I had been very upset by his choice of language, and I’m delighted to see that he clarified his remarks.”

–Gabriel Sherman

Miller: “I’m Satisfied”