More on Targeting

Here’s that African-Americans for Mike piece. (I’m not the one who wrote “Don’t think so!” on the front. It was a (misguided) neighbor.)

But for all the rancor in the comments section in this discussion, I should step back a little: I’m not suggesting that detailed, non-ethnic targeting didn’t exist, or isn’t interesting (I wish I’d had the story.); just that it’s not the central story of the campaign, and that, in context, it doesn’t provide some kind of post-racial moral highground. But Mike could afford to do more than one thing, and did — explicit racial politics, as above, and “thought-based” politics.

Also, Gawker wonders, as do I: What are those five other “thought-based” groups that go unnamed by the Times? The ones that are mentioned are “Cultural Liberals,” “Middle Middles,” and “FANS, or ‘Fearful and Anxious New Yorkers.'” The others are not, I’m sure, “Blacks,” “Jews,” “White Catholics,” and “Puerto Ricans.” Though it’s tempting to think so.

So please, leak those group-names to Gawker. Or, preferably, to The Politicker. More on Targeting