No New Bikes

At a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new Criminal Supreme and Family Court complex in Brooklyn, Mayor Bloomberg refused to comment on whether the $670 million building was fit to house a judicial system that he has repeatedly characterized as flawed.

“My ideas for reforming the judicial system are well known and well published,” said the Mayor. “I think what we are here to talk about is a building.”

But he was eager to clear the air on one lingering concern. If the ongoing negotiations between the MTA and TWU broke down before a December deadline, causing a transit strike, he had no intention of buying another $600 bicycle.

“For those who don’t remember, I bought a bicycle for the last potential subway strike. I bought a bicycle and equipped it with every safety device that is required by myriad pieces of City Council legislation. I paid sales tax on it, perhaps one of the few people at that store whoever did,” the Mayor said in a deadpan, explaining that he had given his bike away when the strike was averted. “There was a Presidential candidate who had a $2,000 bicycle who did not give it away as far as I know… At the moment I have no plans to buy a bicycle.” No New Bikes