Risk-Oblivious Youth, Le Corbusier, and Bedbugs!

This week, The City section offers a glimpse of artists moving out to Bushwick! Ok, that’s been happening for years, but it’s always comforting to read about “risk-oblivious youth” being all communal and artsy together in a rundown neighborhood (and almost as uplifting as Rent on the big screen). But then in the Real Estate section, the “art world avant garde” suddenly flee to Staten Island. Now that’s shocking! Even intrepid, young gentrifiers that have conquered many neighborhoods before might pause at the idea of taking a ferry home. Either way, both articles come with slide shows.

Carrie Chiang and Dolly Lenz get called out for hogging all the best listings, in The Times. Why not share some with the ever-growing number of wide-eyed brokers?

Seems like most celebrities took the weekend off. However, Mike Myers has left his Morton Square rental, according to New York magazine.

Christopher Caldwell examines the architecture of Le Corbusier as a catalyst to the French riots, in The Times magazine. It’s not like they were burning cars in Marseille. Or at least not as many as in the International Style enclaves.

While sleeping tight, New Yorkers are unwittingly letting the bedbugs bite. But the author already had us with the lede, mentioning both “hobo encampments and hot-sheet motels.”

And after 42 years on the job, a long-time Plaza doorman find a new job, opening doors down the street. Take that, stupid condo conversion!

-Michael Calderone

Image courtesy of Stay Free! magazine.

Risk-Oblivious Youth, Le Corbusier, and Bedbugs!