Rudy’s Jersey Strategy

The first step toward announcing a run for President is, as often as not, joking about it.

And at the Waldorf last night, a Politicker spy reports, Rudy Giuliani tried out a new line.

Rudy was about to introduce his good friends Marvin and Hazel Shanken, who were being honored for their good
works on behalf of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. (Marvin is the publisher of Cigar Aficionado and Wine Spectator magazines.)

And the ex-Mayor made his way around to the story of an ancestor who left a small town in Tuscany to come to the US back in the 1800s.

Rudy speculated that his forbearer, starting out his journey to the new world at the Italian port of Genoa, did not sit there asking for someone to — and here the former mayor adopts an Italian accent — “Take-a me to New Jersey.”

Some laughter. Some applause. “And then Rudy loosed the line that seemed too well-timed to be unrehearsed,” our source writes:

“There go New Jersey’s electoral votes.” Rudy’s Jersey Strategy