Schnabel Stopped?

Last week, The Observer reported on the ongoing battle in the West Village that has entangled artist Julian Schnabel at 360 West 11th Street, as well as, Richard Meier’s partners at 166 Perry Street. Mr. Schnabel’s proposed 110-foot addition to his three-story stable building particularly infuriated neighbors and preservationists.

The City Council passed a downzoning of the West Village a month ago, and a dispute rages over whether Mr. Schnabel’s building is “vested” and should be grandfathered through under the old zoning rules (the maximum height of new developments dropped from 200 to 100 feet).

This morning, an e-mail circulated from the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation stating that Mr. Schnabel’s building had been officially stopped. However, that work stoppage appears temporary.

“There is clearly a stop-work order in place,” said Andrew Berman, executive director of the GVSHP. “It’s clearly on the basis that the current work would not conform with the current zoning. Whether or not that is temporary or permanent, we are waiting to find out.”

The final decision from the Department of Buildings still hasn’t been reached.

“It’s still in flux,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Buildings. “[Julian Schnabel and his partners] haven’t addressed our concerns at this time. If, going forward, we revoke the permit, they have the option to go to [the Board of Standards and Appeals] to appeal.”

We’ll keep you posted.

-Michael Calderone

Schnabel Stopped?