Speaking in Turns

Andrew Tulloch, a lawyer for the Bronx Terminal Market merchants, was standing before the city Planning Commission this morning, responding—at some length—to a commissioner’s question when Chairwoman Amanda Burden cut him off.

“I wish you would conclude your remarks,” she said. “I am annoyed you spoke entirely out of turn and you know that is not allowed.”

Tulloch, speechless, gathered his papers and left the podium.

The issue was whether he or his law partner, Adrian Zuckerman, who was nowhere to be found at that point, had signed up for the No. 5 spot to speak at the public hearing on the Related Companies’ plan to clear out the ethnic food market and replace it with a shopping mall. She apparently had Zuckerman’s name on her list, but, later, outside the hearing hall, Tulloch showed us a carbon copy of his sign-in card with his name written first and Zuckerman’s added underneath.

Whatever the circumstances, the exchange didn’t seem to do a lot of good for the merchants’ case. Tulloch, however, said it wouldn’t matter. “She’s for the project anyway,” he told us.

Matthew Schuerman Speaking in Turns