Strolling in the Aftermath

Time to hit the blogs:

Bloomberg’s voters were wildly outnumbered… by registered voters who didn’t cast ballots, laments Andrew Friedman at DMIBlog.

Doug Forrester, the failed Republican candidate for New Jersey governor, blames his defeat on Bush. But over at the New York Young Republican Record, Rick Brownell doesn’t buy it. Forrester’s finger-pointing, says the blogger, is “infantile.” Or at least, um… unoriginal.

In a post titled “NYC Drifts Right…Upstate Drifts Left?” the Daily Gotham suggests that state Dems have showed up the local party. Urban Elephants grabs the first part of the deadline, trumpets with glee.

The secretive scribes of Backroom Deal Breaker look forward to the Speaker’s Debate on Wednesday, demand more public participation, offer a can of whoop ass.

Eliot Spitzer surfaced on Comedy Central, where Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report asked him how much it takes to run a gubernatorial campaign these days. “Probably 30, 40 million dollars,” Eliot estimated. “It is almost an obscene amount of money…The reason it’s not completely obscene is I’m about to do it, so I don’t want to say it’s obscene,” he added with a laugh.

Yes, this last item was not so bloggy, and the show aired a week ago. But it’s funny enough to merit a look and a link. Strolling in the Aftermath