The Cockpit: Introducing La Misogynista!

We heard one of the chicks at The Broadsheet is really a dude! Hey, Halloween’s over, ladies.

But, shoot, the Cockpit is all about equal opportunity too. So we’re adding a chick to our team of manly men–a chick who was a three-sport jock. A chick who eats raw meat. A chick who drives a golf ball further than any of us. A chick who used to live in a frat house. Our kind of chick.

I Enjoy Being A… What Now?
A few months ago, I started taking Wellbutrin. Suddenly, I could no longer understand my girlfriends’ problems. They would talk about why some guy hasn’t called yet and how the sight of babystrollers upset them — go on and on and on — and I’d just be like, “So?” I had no idea what the fuck they were talking about.
Suzy “Honorary Dude” Hansen
The Cockpit: Introducing La Misogynista!